Review of the Slot Machine Alkemor’s Tower

Methods for Playing the Slot Machine at Alkemor’s Tower

Betsoft’s Alkemor’s Tower slot machine is so powerful that only the most powerful wizards have a chance of winning. Don’t worry if you aren’t an experienced wizard; our evaluation of the Alkemor’s Tower slot machine will provide you all the information you need to stay under the radar.

This five-reel slot machine has 243 paylines, a plethora of scatter symbols, and many bonus games to keep you occupied. There is a theoretical 94.96% payout available to players.

Continue reading as we explore Alkemor’s Tower and spellbook in greater depth. There’s a chance you’ll even find some magical promotional coupons for use at online casinos.

Structure of the Game

The Alkemor’s Tower slot game is infused with Betsoft’s usual brand of enchantment. The game’s awe-inspiring qualities shine through in every detail, from the mysterious backdrop and enchanting user interface to the one-of-a-kind reel layout.

Each symbol in the slot machine is designed to seem like an item from Alkemor’s collection of wizarding world artifacts. There are several things to keep a look out for, since each game style uses a unique set of symbols:

Typical Game Icons


Crystals, green

Money in gold

Ring of gold

Treasure trove


A Spell-Book

Scales for weighing

In addition, the regular game features four unique elemental magic symbols that can be used to activate various bonuses:

The water elemental’s spell

Powerful earth magic

Elemental air magic

Elemental fire spell

Floor Bonus Game Symbols Inspired by Nature

Insect-eating plant

Fleur de rosa

Flowered oranges

Blooms of azure


Bonus Icons from the Heavenly Floor


Atomic red


A ringed, moon-filled, purple planet


The slot’s various animations and effects, on top of its already impressive images and symbols, up the ante on the thrill of playing and winning.

Music and Sounds from Slot Machines

Play your way around Alkemor’s Tower, accompanied by the sounds of magic and celebration, all under the watchful eye of the tower’s resident wizard.

The duration of the soundtrack ensures that you won’t have to listen to the rapid repetition that is typical of many slot machines.

The slot’s design and gameplay are cohesively unified by the enchanting sound effects that accompany the game’s different animations and winning combinations.

On rare occasions, you may even hear Alkemor himself congratulate you on your triumphs.

Unique Characteristics

This slot machine is jam-packed with both magic and bonus features. Learn about all of the enchanted symbols and other features down below.

Curses of the Elements

To cast an elemental magic, you must line up the spellbook symbols on reels one and two with an elemental spell sign on reel three.

If you can conjure an elemental symbol on reels four or five, the spell will be more potent. Remember that you can only cast one spell at a time!

Elements of Water

All elemental spell and spellbook symbols on reels two, three, four, and five are transformed into wilds when the water spell is cast, thanks to a wave of water that spills across the reels. The spellbook on the first reel can change into any other symbol in the paytable.

Element of the Earth

A powerful earthquake and meteor shower result from the earth spell, transforming the spellbook and elemental symbols on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5 into wilds. A flood of new symbols floods in to replace all the old ones.

Elementary Air

Reels 2, 3, 4, and 5’s spellbook and elemental symbols are blown off the reels and reappear in new locations when the air spell generates a dangerous tornado. The spellbook icon on reel one substitutes for any symbol in the paytable.

Elemental Fire

When Alkemor casts his fire magic, he conjures a large ball of flames, which he then hurls towards the reels, setting them ablaze. The spellbook and elemental symbols on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5 catch fire and transform into extra wilds. The amount of wilds added to the reels is proportional to the number of spellbooks that triggered the bonus. The spellbook symbol on reel one changes to a random paying symbol.

Bonus Spins on the Heavenly Dance Floor

Matching two of Alkemor’s spellbooks with the celestial spellbook will activate the extra round on the heavenly floor. Depending on the quantity of spellbook symbols, you will be sent to Alkemor’s observatory (the celestial level) and given either ten, twelve, or fifteen free spins to use while gazing into the cosmos.

Here you may spin through four new game symbols and the black hole symbol (found on reels two and four), which devours neighboring symbols and pays you with a dollar prize, all while being illuminated by a plethora of amazing effects.

Wild Reels on the Forest Floor Bonus Game

When players combine two spellbooks with the vine-wrapped spellbook, they are whisked away to the curiously guarded nature level of Alkemor. When activated, the feature awards the player with ten, twelve, or fifteen bonus spins, each of which comes with its own set of special bonuses and symbols.

The vine icon appears on reel three and has a chance of appearing here. This reel eats up its surrounding symbols to reveal a monetary prize underneath.

Option to Double Your Money

The double up option allows players to risk their usual wins for the chance to win twice as much, although it lacks the thrill of the other attractions. To double your money, pick heads or tails in this round of the game.

However, if you make a mistake, you will lose the victory.

We Weigh in on Alkemor’s Tower’s Gamble

The Betsoft slot Alkemor’s Tower meets all our requirements, and those of any slot game enthusiast. The visuals and animations are top notch, and the various sound effects and score do a wonderful job of tying everything together.

You can anticipate the usual high quality and exciting gameplay from Betsoft in this game.

Despite the game’s absence of a major jackpot, it does provide a flurry of magical features and bonus rounds where players may win a multitude of prizes with a little bit of magic and a lot of luck.

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